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Contact Us

Welcome to Auowen.com contact center! You will find below our contact details. Please be aware that, for our mutual safety, we are unable to place orders for you.

We are experiencing a high volume of contacts and wait times may be longer than usual. If you have any problems, comments or suggestions, please contact our customer service. Thank you for your patience.


Email Us

You can send us an Email to: [email protected]


Warm Tips:

* If you have any questions about your order, please provide your order number or the email address you used when placing the order when contacting us, so that we can find your order information.

* When you receive an order status update email, you find that it only has "shipped" and no tracking number. This is normal. We usually don't send you a tracking number when we update the order status, if you Urgently need a tracking number, please contact our customer service representative.

* If your email has not been answered by us, please don’t worry, this is just because our customer service representatives are offline, they will reply to your email as soon as they go online, so please be patient.


Donations or Sponsorship

If you have a Donation or Sponsorship request you would like us to review, please email it to us using the e-mail addresses above, and we will be happy to review the proposal. Please be advised that due to the large number of requests we get on a daily basis, it is impossible for us to respond back to each and every request.